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Understand your past and focus to change your future.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Anxious? Depressed or Angry? Each of us have experienced difficult times, don't let these challenges affect your quality of life or adversely impact those you hold dear. Become the person that knows how to transform difficult times into a starting point for a fresh life of being fulfilled and content. Jeff is a Licensed Clinical Counselor with years of experience. His purpose is to assist you in focusing and finding your hidden potential so that you can develop your natural tools to grow.

Empower Yourself
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"Mr. Hartwig is a therapist who is well trained and has skills to impact people in a positive way. I have seen him work well with people from diverse backgrounds. His warm personality and passion is visibly felt. I strongly recommend Mr. Hartwig to anyone looking for a therapist."


"Jeff has assisted me in developing my thinking which changed outcomes for me and my family." -DM. 

""I'm 12 years old (girl). I’ve been with Jeff for almost a year and I feel that I’ve improved a lot over the months Jeff has impacted my life greatly. Even to know someone is ready to listen to me has helped a lot. I recommend Jeff to anyone that would like to change for the best."  -ET    (italics added)  

“Everybody stands to benefit by talking to someone like Jeff. Having your problems heard without feeling judged helped me battle my anxiety. Jeff helped me develop coping skills so that I can live life the way I wanted and needed.” -XG

"I had the pleasure of being a TA for Jeff my senior year, although the purpose of me being his TA was to help him, he always went out of his way to ask what was on my mind. From the very beginning of my senior year I let him know about constant anxiety issues I was having during my baseball games, and throughout the school year he helped me address these issues. He would talk with me about the game, come to my games and cheer me on, and lastly he was always there to field any questions I had. I truly believe that Jeff played a key role in helping me become more relaxed during games and ultimately helped me play to my full potential. Jeff really is an inspiration to people around him and he’s the type of dude that becomes successful in whatever he does." -J"C"M

"Jeff helped me and our wrestling team, I won a league title, he was coach but also a friend." -BH

"Mr. Hartwig is an outstanding counselor who has an exceptional ability in transforming his clients lives. Jeff not only assists his clients in reaching their potential, but he also guides them to thrive in their lives. I had the opportunity to see Mr. Hartwig change numerous lives at my school site. He is an extraordinary Counselor, Professional, and Emotional/Mental Health Expert."

- RS-

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Improve communication, increase home harmony.

The outside world has many challenges these days. Increase your ability to harmonize as a couple and keep the outside challenges from entering into your home. Work in session together to become flexible and adaptable to one another. Become each others strength and develop the consistency required to become a good listener and verbalize your needs, wants and desires. Become the legacy in your children's eyes. ears and hearts. If you do not have children, become the best person for your loved one.


Understanding self, understanding others. Applying mindfulness to your life will assist you in making subtle changes resulting in the benefit of overcoming personal barriers.

Learning to become mindful of your everyday routine will go a long way to changing your position in life. Breaking a routine and having well thought out goals for yourself will assist you to be a better person, husband, wife, parent, partner, coworker. The list is long but change starts with you.  Words are easy to read, implementing those words requires mindfulness and focus. Let's explore where you want to be and create a plan!


Assisting you with your business mentality, increasing focus, decision making and confidence through developing your positive mindset towards your goals.

Jeff has been working with Tech and entertainment executives, business owners, doctors and lawyers with private practice. We work together with narrative therapy to develop entrepreneurial drive, learn to time manage, increase fulfillment and balance business, personal and family life. Decrease anxiety by separating the "Knowns from the Unknowns" Call now to schedule a session.

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Jeff Hartwig is a Licensed Clinical Therapist and founder of 1 Focus Counseling in Canyon Lake, California. His present work involves assisting individuals with developing insights and coping skills; overcoming PTSD, anxiety, anger, and depression; and moving past grief, trauma, and loss. He also coaches athletes utilizing sports therapy. Likewise, leaders spanning diverse industries including entertainment, medical, legal, and business benefit from his executive coaching. Jeff possesses a Bachelors of Arts in Business leadership from BIOLA University, a Masters degree with an embedded PPS credential in Educational Counseling, and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling degree both attained from Azusa Pacific University. In addition, he has a background as a school counselor for at-risk youth at various school districts, working with students struggling through the challenges of parental conflict, divorce, ADHD, ADD, social anxiety, impulsive behaviors, and sports enhancement.

Jeff believes in a non-judgmental approach through the process of listening to his clients. Jeff considers it an honor to assist clients in changing their lives. Jeff's philosophy is "As I assist those who seek me out, I know there are others in that person's life I may never meet. The help I give will impact more than the person in front of me.  That to me is an inspiring feeling."

Jeff is married with four adult children and enjoys surfing and fishing in his spare time.

Let's do something positive for 2023.

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Accepting new clients now. Online/video/Phone sessions offered. Weekday evening sessions and Saturday sessions available.

Session costs: $100 to $150 for 50 minute session. First intake requires 1 to 1.5 hours @ $150

ESA letters $40 with intake.

Payment options include Venmo and PayPal.  Insurances Accepted: Cigna, Kaiser, Anthem Blue cross, Healthnet, Optum, Allegiance etc., many more.

31566 Railroad Canyon Rd. Canyon Lake. CA 92587


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"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them"

Albert Einstein

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